Killboard Kermits are given or self-inflicted for errors made during the fitting stage of the game. Kermits are memorialized permanently in one's Rote identity as a helpful, even grim, reminder of one's past. There is no hard rule about what constitutes a kermit. The definition changes over time. Your peers are the jury.


Killboard Derps are given or self-inflicted for personal errors made during the piloting stage of the game. Derps are memorialized permanently in one's Rote identity. They tend to be more plentiful than Kermits, and are often self-inflicted. Use them in conjunction with kb comments as a tool to remember when you flew poorly, and why.

Rote Girls

Rote Girls are pasted on noteworthy kills. They become memorial badges of honor for the pilots involved in those kills. They are memorialized permanently in one's Rote identity. These, and other kb tags, are used by our IT infrastructure to auto-generate historical hall-of-fame-like killmail listings.


The culture of Rote Kapelle is one of contribution, self-reflection and self-improvement. Sometimes we look and sound like horrible idiots in the process of engaging in this culture. We usually come out smarter, better pilots in the end. There are inevitably casualties in such an environment. This type of culture tends to breed an (undeserved) aire of elitism of course. Generally speaking, we frown on elitist behaviors, knowing them to be our Achilles heel, and try to be good sports in space. We have thick skins, and troll each other in creative ways about our bad behaviors. Feed the trolls, if you dare. Keep repeating or disowning your mistakes, if you dare. If a pile of haulers mysteriously appear in your hangar, take it as a sign that it's probably time to move on. Above all, we are forever in search of the legendary good fight, and we memorialize them forever, when we find them.

Content Generation

We encourage all of our pilots to be content generators. There are few guidelines about this. Common sense applies. Walking in the door and trying to FC a cap fleet your first week in Rote is probably a bad idea, unless you are truly extraordinary. Be smart about it, and know your current limits. Grow yourself, grow your doctrines, and grow with a core team of pilots. Earn rapport, be regular, get frags, and the pilots will come out of the woodwork for your fleets.

Who We Are

There are those who see the hand of god in turning hounds against their fellow man. Zealots who proclaim their religion loudly, their "savior" providing their chains. There are those who yearn for the freedom of their brothers so strongly, that they bind themselves as surely as if they wore a collar. Some declare themselves free of religion while worshiping their production lines and financial devices. Others build temples of bureaucracy, chaining and sacrificing freedom in the name of securing freedom.
There is a secret...
They are all mad...
And they envision themselves your master.


We are expatriates and ex-patriots. We are traitors, and terrorists. We are spies and infiltrators. Betrayers of the nightmare-dream, we are the discarded children of the nations that sought to enslave their very own flesh and blood, to bind and shackle us for their benefit: our toil, our tears, our sweat, our blood, all for their profit. We were once just like you, but we have awoken. We have removed the shackle, refuted the lie, awoken from the dream and repulsed their efforts to return us to the fold. We have found enlightenment. We are no longer servants.

All of mankind’s children are offered the same choice that we were, freedom or servitude, yet few have the courage and conviction to choose the path we are taking and all of the difficulties that it entails. Grizzled veteran and newborn alike, we are the true revolutionaries of New Eden; we fight every day to show the slaves and tyrants of the galaxy that they die for everything worth nothing. No one person is any less significant than another in this fight. It is a war of extirpation, a war whose end is the devastation of empires. We seek to free those who seek us and to topple the crowns of the tyrants that would try to stop our cause. We wage a war on a scale never before seen, a war involving every man, woman, and child.

From the heart of the empires to the edges of known space, with the self-stylized kings, queens, emperors, and gods who try so hard to be something more, yet only succeed at fooling themselves, we fight them all. They do not rule us any longer. We have torn the veil that blinds the common man to the truth: the truth that, be it empire or the very fringes of known space, a tyrant is a tyrant. The populace trades in freedom of the individual for the “freedom” to draw borders, to levy taxes, to write their own laws. Our blood and theirs stains the path that all must one day walk. The slaves and sycophants bleed to cover the truth: that their lives and the lives of their masters are forfeit.

One day you will find us. Some will come to hunt us, some to ridicule us, and some will simply cheer from the sidelines. You are all our enemy; too entrenched in your ways to accept what must be, what is, and what will be. Those too afraid to choose a side are our enemy as surely as any star spanning nation. You are either with us or you are against us. There will be no sidelines in this war. No simple diplomacy, no negotiation will end our cause. We claim no space - we travel where the winds of war take us, our home is amongst the stars and darkness of New Eden. What purpose to claim the stars as your own save to exclude others from them and to exert your perceived power over those to whom you allow entry?

Every day our numbers swell with podders and freebirths alike. The family man and the pirate, the bureaucrat and the politician, all walks of life flock to our banners. The disillusioned, they came to seek the truth. They came to seek freedom, to escape from the oppression of the oligarchies that demand that we all submit. When you are finished cowering in fear or grow sick of turning a blind eye to the system, the day when you are ready to stop fighting for a system that only feeds on your blood, join the revolution. We will never tire. We will never surrender.