Great Wildlands

We currently live in the Great Wildlands. Basically we are here to shit on TBC. Mission Accomplished. There is a lot of content here. Bring your friends, come fight.


Is dead. "The Narrative" and Reddit killed it. Blame Vic. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for all the gfs!


Rote has moved to Provi a couple times in its history. It didn't work out well. Now we blops them and roam them from time to time.


We build and market in Nourv, 1 jump from Tama. Many of us run small roams out of Jita/Nourv regularly. Some enjoy high sec shenanigans.

TXW, Syndicant

Ancestral homeland. One day, we will return again, and raise the region from the ashes.


This one time, Rote Kapelle almost died, and we lived in Reblier, and farmed the Uni. Proxay lost a Vindicator. Then we realized, what has always been dead, can never die.