"Reliably Mid-tier"

We all have lives. We suspect you might even have one too. We do expect you to get good.

Diplomatic Contacts:
Ben Booley or Sven Holstien

"Relevant" FC's:
Helsir Qyrdun

Reasonably Classy

If you've ever been banned from 4chan, move along.

Best In Class Logistics

We move around, so we can get frags in the hot spots of the moment. We provide nearly constant Jump Freighter services to help you get staged in the op4 of the day.

Small Gang PVP

We chase all types of small-gang content: roams, ganking, blops, high sec shenanigans, spoopy lowsec lurking, cap warfare, and the like. If it's Small-gang PVP, you'll find it here. We've even been rumored to partake of the occasional blob.

Rote Works Heavy Industries

Space is expensive. We provide you the knowledge, tooling, and industry backbone needed to get your own personal ISK-machine going needed to sustain your habits.

An active worldwide community (US/EU/AU)

Largely US-based, with both EU and AU membership. Looking to grow internationally.

The Alphas and the Omegas

Stimulus is generally a place for experienced players. We do take newer players with sharp aptitudes and good attitudes. Contribute or die.

"And they live untouched by sorrow in the regions of the blessed along the abyss of deep-swirling New Eden, happy heroes for whom the ISK-giving universe bears honey-sweet combat and flourishing fleets, far from the deathless gods, and Cassius Booley Bacchanallian Booley rules over them."